Accurate Perforating micro site @ GSHS project site

May 25, 2012

The new micro site highlighting Accurate Perforating’s partnership with the Green Schoolhouse Series is live and active. Please come see it for yourself. Then after you visit the Accurate Perforating site at take some time and visit the rest of the Green Schoolhouse Series site and learn all about the projects that are underway. The site describes the schools and communities these projects will benefit and all the cutting edge and innovative products being use throughout these projects. See the project overview at . This is what it’s all about, “The Green Schoolhouse Series brings together corporations, foundations, school districts, municipalities, communities, media outlets, and volunteers to build 21st-century, environmentally-sustainable schoolhouses…”, visit the site to learn more. Accurate Perforating is proud to be part of this innovative approach to solving the problems these schools are facing and creating wide spread benefit for the surrounding communities. Accurate is working closely with the architectural design team to best utilize a combination of our custom perforated metal products as well as our standard ceiling systems and our soon to be released standard sunshades. Perforated metal may be used for a wide variety of architectural solutions including; sculpt light, control sound and compose views both indoors and out. Subscribe to the Accurate Perforating blog for free ( and follow the progress of this project as well as other interesting industry activities. Or follow us on Facebook at