Accurate Perforating to Partner with Green School House Series

April 27, 2012

Continuing our commitment to green building practices, community activism and supporting education, Accurate Perforating is proud to announce our partnership with the Green School House Series. The Green Schoolhouse Series is a catalyst for change; a unique public/private collaboration that focuses on meeting the critical needs of children, education, and the environment. The Green Schoolhouse Series brings together corporations, foundations, school districts, municipalities, communities, media outlets, and volunteers to build 21st-century, environmentally sustainable schoolhouses on existing Title I, low-income, K-12 public school campuses. Funded entirely through corporate partnerships, in-kind donations, and charitable contributions, every Green Schoolhouse replaces four to 10 aging portables with a permanent, multipurpose facility, ranging in size from 6,000 to 15,000 square feet. Designed to serve the entire community, these remarkable buildings not only provide needed classroom space, they are sites for vital after-school programs, and function as community centers on nights and weekends. Accurate Perforating ( will be supplying perforated metal materials for a variety of applications on this project. To learn more about the Green School House Series visit and follow the story on Twitter at @AccuPerforating and Facebook at htttp://!/AccuratePerforating