Perforated Metal To Enhance Auto Design

March 15, 2017

When you think perforated metal, you probably imagine light screens, staircases or decorative building facades. What you might not realize is that perforated metal is often the unsung hero deep in the heart of everyday machinery. Innovative automotive manufacturers have long leaned on perforated metal as a smart way to improve performance and appearance. From revamping the car exhaust system to more outward-facing car upgrades, perforated metal adds just the right touch.

From inner workings to eye-catching car accessories, here are just a few ways to augment a car by using perforated metal.


It could be a car show, a race or simply to give a dealership something to brag about with a powerful, reliable car on the lot. Perforated metal is an auto manufacturer’s best friend. Here are a few examples of how perforated metal is used for functional purposes in automotive improvements:

  • Transmission fluid filters. Perforated metal is utilized in many filtrations systems to protect transmissions from clogs. That means transmissions are less prone to shoddy gear shifting or screeching and grinding.
  • Exhaust system. Exhaust and muffler systems are highly susceptible to noise. A perforated metal shroud, made from durable metal, can reduce unwanted sound, and improve airflow through the vehicle.
  • Radiator. Likewise, the radiator can corrode or become damaged over time without the right screen in place. Perforated metal can easily block rocks and debris and protect against costly repairs. Some car enthusiasts even use custom perforated grilles to spruce up the appears of their car.
  • Silencing mechanism. As mentioned above, perforated materials are perfect for silencing cars and trucks. They can be used for vehicle header sound-reduction panels.

Appearance and Style

What distinguishes perforated metal from other materials is that it’s more than just for function. Perforated metal can add depth and texture to a vehicle’s exterior and interior. Such subtle enhancements can increase the value of a vehicle. Here are some common uses for perforated metal that will impress:

  • Speakers. One of the first modifications of a vehicle is its sound system, notably improving the bass-treble balance. Perforated metal has long been valued for its ability to improve acoustics. Plus, when the owner or a prospective buyer opens the car’s door, it doesn’t hurt to have a flashy perforated metal speaker cover.
  • Grilles. Customized grills are a small yet effective way to enhance the appearance of any car. You could have perforations cut to show a specific make/model logo, or a manufacturer could get creative and customize in all sorts of ways.

By embracing perforated metal, you open a world of potential when it comes to modifying and upgrading a car. From protective and cooling functionality to silence and style, perforated metal is a smart and classy way to enhance a car. So get creative and think outside the box.

At Accurate Perforating Company, we specialize in perforated metal for countless project types. We’re always happy to lend our expertise as you consider style and material. Contact us today to learn more about what Accurate Perforating Company can do for you.