The Next Level of Perforated Metal 

What Is SuperPerf?

SuperPerf is a new type of perforated metal made using an advanced perforating technology. This new process allows Accurate Perforating to create very tiny holes in stainless steel — holes that are smaller than the material thickness — without compromising quality or performance. SuperPerf stainless steel is available in most popular patterns with a 60-degree staggered orientation. This is a super high-ratio perforated metal that no other North American perforator can do!

The Impossible Made Possible

Stainless steel perforated with holes smaller than the overall thickness of the material has been unavailable … until now.

Before: The rule of thumb was always that stainless steel perforations had to be larger than the thickness of the metal to obtain the ultimate quality and functionality.

Now: SuperPerf is a conventional perforated stainless steel with holes the same size as, or even smaller, than the material thickness.

Contact us for a list of SuperPerf standard materials and patterns. Custom patterns and sizes are available, too.


Compared to traditional perforated metals, SuperPerf offers:

  • High-pressure resistance
  • Greater durability
  • Enhanced welding and fabrication *
  • Significant cost savings **

* Compared to fabrication processes that produce high heat like laser and plasma cutting.
** Versus conventional methods like drilling, punching, water jetting and laser cutting.


SuperPerf raises your product performance and your business profitability:

  • Better Products. SuperPerf provides better-performing, longer-lasting products.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction. Increased product longevity results in reduced maintenance and a more sustainable, eco-friendly product for your customers.
  • Greater Safety. We can engineer more durable products that withstand strong forces and high pressure.
  • Faster Lead Times. SuperPerf is readily available, drastically reducing your lead times.
  • Improved Bottom Line. Increase sales and profits with new products and more economically produced materials.

Imagine the Possibilities

Accurate Perforating now offers the unattainable perforated metal ratio, allowing you to:

  • Utilize thicker perforated metal to increase your product's capabilities and strength.
  • Create completely new products that haven't been possible until now.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by offering better products.
  • Reduce costs by switching from expensive punching, water jetting and drilling methods.
  • Offer increased product strength over material weakened and distorted through the laser and plasma cutting process. †

† Holes created by a heat source decrease the strength of the metal in the applied area, thus decreasing the strength of fabrications and weldments in the affected section.

SuperPerf Solutions

This method provides solutions to standard perforated metal deficiencies:

  • SuperPerf is ideal for products that require high-pressure resistance and strength, including filtration, separation and screening equipment.
  • SuperPerf is an extremely durable solution for applications where standard perforated metals don't hold up, such as material processing, construction, power generation and heavy equipment.
  • SuperPerf brings a competitive advantage to your product with durable, high-quality and accurate perforations, while increasing the product's strength and durability.


Use SuperPerf anywhere you can benefit from the increased durability of small holes in thick metal:

  • Industrial Equipment
    • Grain processing
    • Material processing
    • Chemical production
    • Food production
  • Liquid Filtration
    • Hydraulic filters
    • Dewatering
    • Fish screens
    • Fracking equipment
  • Transportation/Heavy Equipment
    • Air and water crafts
    • Construction equipment
    • Agricultural equipment
    • Road and rail transportation
  • Architectural/Construction
    • Sunscreens
    • Building facades
    • Decorative elements
    • Site furnishings
  • Power Plants
    • Nuclear power
    • Hydraulic
    • Coal
    • Geothermal
  • Industrial Facilities
    • Pulp and paper
    • Petrochemical
    • Water treatment
    • Mining

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