Mayo Clinic Block 6 Ramp


Parking garages face unique challenges when it comes to design and construction. They must be durable, low-maintenance, and provide adequate ventilation and lighting. Perforated metal panels offer several benefits that make them an excellent choice for use in parking garages.


The City of Rochester, MN, needed to build a new parking garage to accommodate the increasing demand for parking in the downtown area. In particular, the Mayo Civic Center is a multi-purpose venue home to concerts, sporting events, tradeshows, and more. The space has been growing in popularity as more and more acts come there when they tour the Minneapolis area. The new garage needed to be secure, well-lit, attractive, and designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Minnesota winters.


The architects and engineers working on the project decided to incorporate aluminum perforated metal panels to create a ventilated facade for the garage while protecting the interior from any excessive snow pileups. In addition, the round perforation pattern would also allow air to circulate freely throughout the structure, reducing the risk of weather elements coming into the structure and preventing the buildup of harmful fumes and gases from car exhaust.

The exposed fastener panels were also designed to provide ample natural light to the garage's interior. Architects chose a round staggered pattern for a visually stunning look and to allow sunlight to filter through the small holes in the metal. By doing this, the garage would still feel bright, open, and more inviting despite the metal fastened to the outside.

Finally, the perforated metal creates an aesthetically pleasing choice for the garage's exterior. The designers created a unique pattern of perforations that added visual interest to the facade and complemented the surrounding architecture.


The Mayo 6 Parking Garage was completed in 2022, and the perforated metal panels were an excellent choice for the project. The perforations have kept the garage free of snowy and rainy weather conditions, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for cars and people.

Each panel was anodized to increase the material's longevity, and end margins were put in place to make it easier for contractors to install it at the job site. In addition, Accurate performed additional fabrication work by bending the material to the exact customer specifications. All of this allowed for natural light to continue to filter through the pattern in the metal and has also helped to create a more welcoming environment in the garage, contributing to increased usage and revenue.

Finally, from the outside, the unique perforated pattern of the metal panels has added visual interest to the garage's exterior, making it a standout structure in the downtown area.

Overall, the use of perforated metal panels in this parking garage project demonstrates the benefits of this material in creating a secure, well-lit, and visually appealing structure that can withstand the challenges of Minnesota weather and heavy use.