Metal Perforated Facades For Contractors

Contractors can use perforated metal panels in a variety of ways to create functional and aesthetically pleasing façades for buildings of all types. Whether used to create railings for staircases, balconies or privacy fencing, these infill panels bring a unique look to a property in addition to a wide range of other benefits. Accurate Perforating has the skills and capabilities necessary to provide metal perforated façades for contractors that help them realize their visions. Our advanced facilities and expertise make it possible for us to deliver these in virtually any material, pattern, finish or thickness needed for your specific project. These are the reasons why so many contractors trust us to provide them with the panels that are best for their projects.

What Makes Perforated Metal Panels a Good Choice?

Because these sheets are stamped with holes in a variety of patterns, they can serve a number of valuable functions on the exterior of a building. They are perfect for creating partitions or railings for multiple reasons, including:

  • Durability: Metal provides added durability against the elements when compared to other materials such as wood, brick or concrete. This means they can last much longer before needing to be replaced.
  • Versatility: Perforated panels can be made from a wide range of metals, including galvanized steel, copper, aluminum and more. This means they can easily fit into a wide range of architectural styles. The pattern of perforations also can be customized to suit the look you want for your exterior.
  • Maintenance: These are easy to care for, only requiring a washing down with water every so often to keep them clean. Compared to other types of façade materials, perforated metal offers much easier maintenance.
  • Comfort: Creating sunshades and partitions with perforated metals blocks a significant amount of bright sunlight and heat while still allowing enough light to shine through them. This helps keep outdoor areas such as patios and plazas comfortable even at high noon on a summer day.

Benefits of Working With Accurate Perforating

Contractors who work with Accurate Perforating benefit from our extensive capabilities. We can produce façade panels in a wide range of thicknesses, patterns and colors. We also make installation easy by labeling all components so they can be assembled in the proper sequence without confusion or delay. If you want to learn more about everything we have to offer, reach out to us today to speak with one of our representatives or request a quote for your next project.