Metal Perforated Stair Treads And Risers For Contractors

Using perforated metal for stair treads and risers makes a lot of sense for any contactor’s next project. Not only are these materials highly durable and versatile, but also they enhance safety and lend a unique aesthetic that can’t be replicated using wood or concrete. Add in the fact that maintaining perforated metal stairs is relatively easy and it’s easy to see why so many architects and builders choose to incorporate them into buildings of all types.

Accurate Perforating is the place to go to find metal perforated stair treads and risers for contractors who want to add something special to their work. There’s a reason why many of the top companies in the construction industry come to us time and again for the architectural elements they need. It’s because of our high-quality materials, advanced processes, and specialized expertise. Combined, these ensure we provide the best perforated stair treads for contractors or whatever else they might need.

Perforated Stair Treads and Risers for Contractors

Perforated metal is one of the most cost-effective and appealing ways to construct stairs for virtually any type of property. Stairs made from these materials tend to last much longer than other types while also offering a stylish and one-of-a-kind look for a building. Using these for residential properties helps improve safety by providing additional traction for outdoor steps and fire escapes. Even when the conditions outside are wet or icy, these stairs offer stability. With a wide variety of patterns and metals available, we can create something that’s perfect for use as balcony stairs, on a patio, or even indoors for an industrial look.

Rising to the Occasion

Our capabilities also serve contractors building commercial properties, as well. Some examples of what we can create include factory stairs and public walkways. Perforated metal is ideal for these applications because it offers adequate drainage and additional traction to prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

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We work closely with contractors to determine the precise combination of materials and patterns to fit their needs. Our advanced production capabilities mean we can deliver stairs in various gauges and thicknesses to match your specific project. We also help our clients by labeling and mapping all components sourced through us to make installation much faster and easier. This ensures you can keep your work on time and on budget.

If you want to learn more about everything we have to offer, reach out and speak to us today or request a quote.