Agricultural Equipment

Perforated Metal from Dirt to Dinner Table

Agricultural Applications

Accurate Perforating is the "start-to-finish" supplier of perforated metal components to the agricultural industry for each stage of the food production process — from dirt to dinner table.

Digging and Picking

Tractors and combines are the key players at this stage — digging the dirt, planting seeds, spraying crops, reaping and threshing. Perforated metal components keep the machines performing, keep debris out of the machinery and protect the people operating them. Perforated metal parts are found in:

  • Radiator guards
  • Exhaust system guards
  • Metal screens
  • Metal components inside the motors

Accurate Perforating forms each component to precise specifications, and typically sends it right to the customer, ready to simply bolt onto the equipment.

Drying and Grinding

Grain bins and hoppers, lined with perforated metal, promote aeration for drying the grain. A gas blower (also equipped with perforated metal components) emits hot air to the bin.

Accurate Perforating supplies interchangeable metal screens and perforated metal components for hammer mills, which grind corn to cornmeal, wheat to flour, seeds to pellets, chicken parts to pet food, oranges to concentrate, and scrap metal to recyclables.

Accurate Perforating has hundreds of tools for customizing your metal components for drying and milling.

Dinner on the Table

We are your perfect partner for food prep, supplying perforated metal components for:

  • Conveyor belts for making dry foods
  • Metal sheets for dehydration
  • Bread pans and baking products
  • Ovens with perforated metal screens around the sides
  • Metal colanders to rinse produce
  • Sterilization racks

Accurate Perforating provides essential parts to enable food producers to feed the world, supplying precision-made perforated metal components for digging, planting, harvesting, milling and food preparation — helping at each stage of the agricultural process.

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