Accurate Perforating Invests in State-of-the-Art Machinery

Machinery Capabilities

Regardless of the shaping, forming, pressing, welding, punching, leveling, shearing and/or precision cutting your project requires, Accurate Perforating has the advanced, high-tech equipment to meet your needs. We can handle metal up to 6 feet wide and 20 feet long with thicknesses from 28 gauge up to 1 inch. Our equipment helps us dispense with some secondary operations, too, which saves you time and money. 

State-of-the-Art Tools

Accurate has tools that are capable of fabricating and perforating metals with speed and precision to your most exacting tolerances and specifications — from simple brackets to complex assemblies. Our shop is filled with dozens of press brakes, panel benders and a comprehensive collection of tools for custom tooling. Our newest punching machine can accurately punch 1,800 pitch marks and 500 holes per minute, while our laser cutting technology helps us create complex shapes from even the most difficult-to-cut materials. 

Our On-Site Equipment List

  • Turret Presses
    • Amada EMZ 3610-NT: 33-ton, 58-station CNC with 60" x 100" bed
    • Amada V358K: 33-ton, 58-station CNC with 50" x 80" bed
    • Amada V255: 22-ton, 31-station CNC with 50" x 50" bed
  • Press Brakes
    • Amada HDS 1303NT: 143-ton, 8-axis CNC
    • Amada HDS 8025: 88-ton, 8-axis CNC (multiple)
    • Accupress 71006: 100-ton, 2-axis CNC (multiple)
    • Accupress 7606: 60-ton, 2-axis CNC (multiple)
  • Laser Cutting
    • Amada FLCAJ 3015: 3-axis fiber laser cutting system
  • Welding
    • Motoman HP20D-6 DX100: robotic welder with Fronius Cold Metal Transfer MIG welding unit
    • MIG spot welding equipment
    • TIG spot welding equipment
    • Resistance spot welding equipment
  • Additional Equipment
    • Multiple perforating presses
    • CNC horizontal mills and wire EDM
    • Punch presses and shears
    • Radius rollers and precision rollers

Accurate Is as Good as Our Tools

Coupled with our continual investment in the latest equipment and tools, are our experience, knowledge and skills in metal fabricating. This translates into time savings, manufacturing efficiencies, lower costs and high-quality products — providing the best value for our clients and keeping us competitive in the global marketplace.

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