Shaping Your Environment with Perforated Metal


Engineering Solutions That Bring Your Perforated Metal Concepts to Life

At Accurate Perforating, we bring your design to reality with flexibility,
responsiveness and timeliness. Our dedicated architectural team includes
architectural consultants, sales reps, estimators and project managers, and
our equipment and tooling is optimized for perforating and fabricating
construction applications. Because we manage your entire project, we
maintain tight control over the quality and beauty of the finished product,
while helping you complete your project on-time and within budget.

Our Architectural Project Managers evaluate your concept, collaborate with
you on the best methods and materials for producing it, and then create the
right solution with any fabrication, finishing and delivery services your
project requires. They keep your project on-track — no matter how demanding
the work or delivery schedule may be — while creating a product that looks
absolutely amazing.

Benefits of Working with Accurate Perforating

  • A huge selection of standard perforation patterns and the ability to create tooling for virtually any custom pattern
  • Standard perforated sheets and coils
  • Custom perforated sheets and coils beyond standard 4' x 10' made to fit your design, so you get exactly what you need at the optimal price
  • Numerous services to help ensure your project's success
  • Samples, prototyping and fabrication of custom parts and components
  • Assistance in green design and help in developing sustainable components that meet LEED requirements
  • Complete forming, welding, laser cutting, punching and assembly services
  • Total finishing services, including galvanizing, painting, powder coating, anodizing, plating, PVDF and custom finishes
  • The market leverage of a large supplier to keep prices low and ensure availability


Working with the Accurate Perforating Team

Our architectural team loves to discuss plans, even fresh ideas that have
not previously been executed, and we are committed to helping you bring
your concepts to reality — whether your ideas are in an architectural
drawing or in your head. Feel free to present any ideas or ask any
questions; if your concept can't feasibly be produced, we will steer you in
another direction. We understand the role that light, wind, sound and heat
play in perforated products, and our goal is to provide perforation
solutions that are realistic as well as beautiful.

Whatever your vision for the project, we welcome the challenge of making it
real — quickly and accurately. In most cases, if you can think it, we can
do it. We work comfortably with an incredibly wide range of materials —
including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, zinc,
plastics and more — in a wide range of thickness and sizes. We also bring
in our metal fabricating expertise and our finishing partners to provide
you a finished component that's ready to be installed.

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