Perforated Metal from Food Production to Presentation

Food Industry Applications

Perforated metal is a perfect material for the food preparation industry as it provides solutions for many of the challenges, including guiding airflow, controlling liquids and directing objects.  Anywhere drying, washing, heating, cooling, sterilizing or mixing is needed, perforated metal can be used.  Furthermore, perforated metal is commonly used in restaurant environments because it is inherently durable and attractive. 

Perforated metal is ideal for applications in the food production industry because it provides efficient and even air transfer, decreasing cooling and heating times. Restaurant owners prefer perforated metal as it cooks food consistently and is an appealing material that complements their décor and their food.

Accurate is the perfect partner for food prep, supplying perforated metal components for:

  • Conveyor belts for making dry foods
  • Metal sheets for dehydration
  • Bread pans and baking products
  • Ovens with perforated metal screens around the sides
  • Metal colanders to rinse produce
  • Sterilization racks
  • Ventilation hoods
  • Refrigeration units
  • Restaurant preparation equipment and presentation supplies
  • … and many other types of food production and food preparation equipment

Why Accurate Perforating?

Accurate Perforating provides the essential parts that enable food producers and preparers to provide food to the masses. Accurate has more than 75 years of experience perforating metal from mass produced sheets to custom architectural projects and more. Any size order receives the care and attention that have built our reputation as a company that helps you get the job done right.

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