Perforated Steel Sheets

A Wide Variety of Perforated Steel Panels, Coils, Sheets and Blanks

Perforated Steel Basics

Perforated steel is an incredibly versatile material with properties ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. As an industry leader among perforated steel sheet suppliers, Accurate Perforating is your best source for perforated steel sheet metal and other product options.

Characteristics of Perforated Steel

  • Strong and durable
  • Perforated steel panels rust, so we offer painting and plating options to seal out the elements and prolong life
  • Can be produced from recycled materials
  • Lasts for generations
  • Can be completely recycled when no longer needed

Perforated Steel Applications

  • Architectural components in building construction
  • Air diffusers in the HVAC market
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Screens, guards and grilles
  • Acoustical panels for noise control

Options for Perforated Steel

Accurate Perforating has more than 70 years of experience manufacturing perforated steel, with such options as perforated steel plate, perforated steel flooring and perforated steel coil. We have hundreds of tools that can be configured to offer thousands of different patterns in material as light as 24 gauge and as heavy as 1/2" in widths up to 72". We produce perforated steel in custom coils, sheets and blanks, and can also fabricate and finish perforated steel into a component that's ready to be installed. If you’re looking for perforated corrugated steel or any of our many products, call us today.

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