Perforated Composites

Combining the Benefits of Two Metals into a Single Material

Perforated Composites Basics

Perforated composites are custom created for a variety of functions. In architecture and design, perforated composite panels are an excellent option for maximizing strength, durability and corrosion resistance. Accurate Perforating leads the industry in high-quality options.

Characteristics of Perforated Composites

Unlike traditional metals, composites combine the properties of more than one type of metal. One of the key advantages to this approach is that the customer can work with materials comprising the beneficial properties of different metals. While each metal has its strengths and limits, perforated composite panels can be specifically crafted to be strong, lightweight and resistant to corrosion. In many cases, perforated composites are more cost-efficient than other options.

Perforated Composite Applications

  • Ideal for virtually any setting because of its versatility
  • Sound and light control functions
  • Staircases, floors and furniture
  • Elegant design features
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor décor due to corrosion resistance

Options for Perforated Composites

Accurate Perforating cannot be beat when it comes to options for quality perforated composite panels. We offer perforated fiberglass, perforated PVC sheet, perforated polypropylene sheet and perforated nylon. Each composite has unique beneficial properties suited for different applications.

For all our perforated metal products, we offer a wide range of hole sizes, shapes, spacing and configurations. To further meet your needs, Accurate Perforating also offers customized decorative perforations. We work closely with you to determine the style of perforation that works best for your specifications.

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