Perforated Metal Screens

From Commonplace Functions to Spectacular Designs

Perforated Metal Screening Functions

Perforated metal screening performs different functions in a building, ranging from the commonplace to the spectacular — and often doing both. No other medium is as diverse in all that it can accomplish as perforated screening material.

Commonplace Perforated Screen Uses

Perforated screen panels are the optimal material for many commonplace functions of a building — those that might not be noticed unless the screen wasn't there. Some of the functions of perforated metal screen panels include:

  • Hiding an unsightly area
  • Separating spaces
  • Providing relief from the heat and glare of the sun
  • Permitting light and airflow
  • Giving privacy to those inside
  • Reducing the impact of wind and storms
  • Adding structural integrity

Accurate Perforating has more than 80 years of experience perforating, fabricating, welding, forming, and finishing metal. We have the equipment and tools to complete the job for your perforated screen project — on time and to your specifications.

interior perforated metal screening

Beyond Commonplace

Perforated screen panels also perform aesthetic functions for buildings — transforming them from mundane to spectacular and stunning. Laser technology, endless custom perforation patterns and options, and custom finishes, including powder coating, make it possible to offer creative options to complement any architectural project.

Here are a few examples of perforated metal screen and perforated mesh screen projects we've done in the past — and what we can do for you in the future:

South Kitsap Medical Campus

Perforated metal screen walls unified the architectural elements in this two-story building. The perforated metal screen was visually striking and was also designed to cut reduce the impact of the wind and provide structural strength to the roof. Read more about this project

The Illinois State Emergency Operations Center

This project involved 18,000 square feet of perforated copper screening. The perforated mesh screen panels each fit seamlessly to the frame and overlapped the preceding section. The visually appealing perforated metal screen panels also served three other functions:

  • Diminish heat/sun glare yet still allow light
  • Provide security (so people cannot see into the building)
  • Serve as a protection against tornadoes

exterior perforated metal screening

Philadelphia University DEC Building

Perforated metal screen walls enveloped a new building on campus that was designed to represent the creative, cross-disciplinary, collaborative learning taking place there. Collaboration was also necessary between Accurate, the architects, the contractors and the school.

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Full Customization Options

One of the biggest advantages that perforated metal screen panels offer you are the wide range of choices you have. From brass and copper to stainless steel and aluminum, there is a large selection of metals that can be perforated to provide the look and performance you need for virtually any given situation. You even have the option to perforate plastic or composites depending on your project’s requirements.

In addition, you also can select varying sizes and thicknesses for the sheets or screens. The patterns you can have stamped into them also come in a variety of shapes and configurations. When you factor in the numerous finishes available, the combinations are practically endless. This is just one more reason why perforated screen panels and sheets make a good choice for your property.

Why Accurate Perforating?

There are many reasons to choose Accurate Perforating for your perforated screen project. Our services include sourcing and value engineering as well as BIM modeling and comprehensive project management. Rely on us to provide this valuable component of your plans. We pride ourselves on being the most reliable and capable resource in the industry. Among the many advantages you can enjoy through us are:

  • We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • We listen and communicate with clients and other teams involved.
  • We ensure that your perforated screen panels will arrive safely and carefully labeled for ease of assembly.
  • We meet deadlines and are 100% committed to a successful installation, from start to finish.
  • We can perforate and paint your perforated screen panels in one place with our powder coating paint line.

If you’re ready to learn more about our full capabilities and what they can do to enhance your next project, reach out and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives today. We will be happy to talk to you about your needs and what we can do to help.

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