The Benefits Of Perforated Shutters

September 28, 2016

Perforated metal shutters are an elegant and highly functional way to control light flow — especially in industrial and commercial applications. They are lightweight, highly resistant to wear and tear, and are very effective. Why should you consider metal window shutters? Read on to learn more.

A Smart Solution for Blocking Light

Metal and aluminum shutters are essentially larger and sturdier shutters positioned on buildings — typically larger ones. While decorative shutters serve the obvious purpose of a sleek and futuristic appeal, they also are made to be highly durable. You might find perforated shutters on an apartment building, or you could see them placed along the sides of modern single-family homes.

Perforated shutters are made with lightweight metal and can be perforated to meet your specifications. At Accurate Perforating Company, we specialize in crafting only the highest quality metal shutters from materials that are proven to hold their own against the elements.

Different Styles for Different Tastes

Depending on the application, different metal shutters can get the job done. Hole size, for example, can affect how much light you allow to enter when the shutters are closed. Hole pattern is similar. Also, material matters. The different types of metals used for shutters might reflect sunlight differently. This can affect outward appearance, as well as how well your shutters deflect heat.

At Accurate Perforating Company, we know perforated metal better than anyone in the business. We work closely with our customers to find out about specific applications and the type of building the shutters will decorate. We are happy to walk you through the available options to ensure that you make the best possible decision.

Benefits of Perforated Metal Shutters

Perforated metal is a popular option for commercial and industrial shutters for two key reasons:

  1. Aesthetics. Sleek and reflective metal shutters are an impressive sight. Not only are they futuristic in appearance, but they take advantage of natural light for an added element of beauty.
  2. Functionality. Metal shutters are both tough against the elements and easy to maintain. Regular cleaning is far simpler than with traditional shutters. Further, metal shutters can be easier to maneuver when it comes to positioning.

Why Accurate Perforating Company?

When it comes to perforated metal of any kind, we are the experts. We’ve earned a reputation for quality and commitment. We can give you expert advice when it comes to metal shutters, so contact us today.