Even Facebook Is Into Perforated Metal

October 19, 2016

Even the Internet has to breathe. It seems simple enough that your Wi-Fi and router stay online via a single cord that’s visible to you. Beyond that cord, however, is a seemingly endless network of piping hot servers that need ventilation to keep from shutting down.

Facebook understands this better than anyone, which is why it chose perforated metal to house a growing cache of data. At its data center in Prineville, Oregon, Facebook built a giant facility that makes smart use of space and ventilation. Perforated metal walls are a key component of that. Data center architecture can make the difference between a fully functional website (the second-most visited site on Earth) and a finicky site prone to crashing.

A Smart Choice for the Facebook Data Center Building

The Facebook data center design took into account some key factors when selecting perforated metal as a primary building material — mainly, functionality. To name some benefits:

  • Ventilation was a top consideration when the Facebook data center building incorporated perforated metal. Perforated metal allows the heat from the servers to escape the building without requiring a vastly more complex ventilation system. It ensures servers and the full data center itself can operate more coolly and reliably.
  • Environmentally, perforated metal is also a huge benefit for Facebook. The open environment made possible via perforated metal makes it easier for the facility to meet standards for LEED certification. As noted above, perforated metal significantly improves ventilation, reducing the need for more energy-consuming cooling options. It’s smart and energy efficient.
  • For a company like Facebook, both look and feel are very important factors. Facebook is a leader in the tech industry. As such, it seeks modern, sleek looks for its facilities, and the data center building in Prineville is no exception. Perforated metal gives the facility a rich, textured look. Facebook leveraged perforated metal panels for a simplistic, smart and strong appearance — helping the company convey just the right outward image.

What Can We Do for You?

By now, you likely understand some of the key functionalities of perforated metal panels. The practical implications are endless. It provides ventilation, shade, privacy and security — all of which are highly valued by Facebook. Chances are good that your building could benefit, as well.

That’s where we come in. At Accurate Perforating Company, we are widely seen as industry experts. With a thorough understanding of the benefits and limits of perforated metal, we know which materials are best suited for specific applications. Further, our team works closely with yours to meet even the most rigid specifications.

We’ve been in this business for well over half a century, and we’ve been successful because we’re able to ensure high quality, every time. Accurate Perforating Company is eager to hear about your project and to share what we have learned from similar ones, such as the Facebook data center building. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.