How Perforated Metal And Sound Absorbing Panels Work

June 23, 2016

Perforated Metal And Sound Absorption

Perforated metal serves a multitude of purposes, from lighting to aesthetics. One of its most useful functions is sound absorption. Acoustic panels effectively reduce unwanted noise by helping to disperse it. Modern buildings — especially those located in louder commercial districts — face new challenges in controlling noise. Nothing disrupts workflow and diminishes morale like an endless background cacophony.

How exactly do sound absorbing panels work, and what types of buildings can make the best use of them? Read on to learn more.

How Do Sound Absorption Panels Reduce Noise?

Sound absorption is not a new concept for builders. Some of the earliest known architecture includes sound-absorbing and acoustical elements — from concert halls to public gathering spaces. As even the earliest builders knew, certain materials are more effective at absorbing sound waves, rather than reflecting them back out as echoes. In general, flat, non-porous surfaces have very limited ability to absorb sound waves, so those waves bounce around noisily until they diffuse on their own. Such soundproofing materials include concrete, brick and tile.

However, porous or textured surfaces help to disperse sound waves on contact. Materials like foam padding and carpet are commonly used in building interiors for those very purposes. Perforated metal panels are a more modern solution to noise control problems, as well. Also, because it has both indoor and outdoor applications, it is an ideal noise control material.

Common Applications for Acoustic Sound Panels and Perforated Metal

As noise control is a universal problem, acoustic metal panels are found in buildings of all types, both inside and outside. Here are just a few common uses for perforated metal in sound control:

  • Buildings near busy roads. You don’t have to be directly on a busy highway to hear the constant droning of traffic. Acoustic metal panels are an excellent way to diffuse the sounds of traffic into a much quieter ambient white noise.
  • Facilities with machinery. From noisy factories to commercial buildings with excessively loud HVAC units — perforated metal panels can go a long way toward improving working conditions in naturally noisy settings.
  • Concert halls and meeting places. In some settings, you want acoustics that help to amplify sound. Of course, outside of that space, you want to contain it. Perforated acoustic metal panels are a great way to separate noisy areas with their quieter surroundings.

What Can Accurate Perforating Company Do for You?

At Accurate Perforating Company, we offer a wide range of options based on customer specifications. Options range from size, shape and configuration of holes to different materials suited for your indoor or outdoor environment. As leaders in perforated metal products and services, our staff can help you make the best decision possible when it comes to sound control. We know what works best in virtually any setting where noise is an issue.

Contact us today to learn more about acoustic and sound absorbing panels, and find out how we can help you improve your building or workspace.