Perforated Metal Stars As A Stunning Decorative Feature

August 12, 2016

Architecture encompasses both function and aesthetics. One way that designers achieve a sleek, modern look is by incorporating decorative perforated metal in their creations. While serving functional purposes — such as providing shade and sound control — decorative metal sheets simultaneously add elements of depth, texture and color to a structure.

Endless Applications

The use of decorative sheet metal is increasingly popular in architecture and design. From bars to balconies to building facades, it gives a beautification boost to both interiors and exteriors. Here are a few more structural elements that can feature perforated metal when something beyond the ordinary is desired:

  • Lattices. Traditional wooden lattices have long been popular features in design — think of gardens, patios and porches — but metal lattices are a popular choice for those seeking more strength, durability and visual elements that stand out.
  • Screens. A metal screen provides just the right balance of privacy and transparency. As a decorative feature, it also allows in light while casting shadows that are decorative in their own right.
  • Ceiling panels. Because perforated metal can be curved and fitted for customized design, it is an excellent option for decorative ceilings. With the added benefit of improving acoustics, a perforated metal ceiling can be a stunning addition to any kind of building.
  • Stairs. When you think of stairs, you may think of function first. Using perforated metal can increase their decorative role in a way you had not previously imagined.

Beauty in the Details

We’ve come a long way in terms of decorative perforated metal. Customers now have multiple options when it comes to color and material. Choices can include copper, zinc, steel and several others, with the specific selection dependent upon several factors, including whether the decorative structure is inside or outdoors. Consult with a perforated metal expert to find a material and design that will strike just the right balance.

What We Can Do for You

At Accurate Perforating Company, we have a thorough understanding of the benefits of decorative perforated metal. We distinguish ourselves by working one on one with each customer to achieve just the right look and bring your idea to reality — whatever the functional purpose of your perforated metal product.

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