Perforated Sheets: The Benefits

January 19, 2017

Perforated metal sheets serve a purpose beyond basic functionality, and that’s led architects and building designers to increasingly incorporate it into structures. The customization options are endless when considering shape, size, material and texture. Put a creative mind behind it, and metal perforated sheet can be one of a building’s most stunning and recognizable features.

Why should you consider perforated metal for your design? It’s functional, versatile and an attractive option. Learn more about the impressive features of functional and decorative metal sheets below.

What Are Perforated Sheets?

Most malleable metals can be formed into perforated sheets, and each material has its unique strengths and benefits. In short, perforated metal refers to thin sheets of metal stamped or punched to have consistent perforations throughout.

Patterns can include round staggered, round straight, slot and square. Additionally, ornamental patterns can be made to give a structure additional flare. Finishing and coating types also vary. This provides a greater variety of look and texture, as well as helping to protect certain metals from environmental elements.

Perforated sheet metal can be used for a wide range of purposes, which we’ll explain in more detail below.

Properties for Any Application

The uses of perforated metal are endless, and that’s largely due to the properties of the metal itself coupled with its design and enhancements. To name a few key characteristics:

- Depending on the metal, strength and elasticity can vary. That means you can have a design that is stronger for structural purposes or more malleable for decorative applications.
- Perforated metal is known for its ability to absorb and scatter sound in a way that is ideal for acoustic applications.
- EMI shielding means perforated metal can enclose electrical devices, while the perforations allow for optimal venting.

Whatever your application, Accurate Perforating Company can help you select the most appropriate material.

The Versatility of Perforated Metal

Uses for perforated metal run the gamut; and as its popularity grows, designers are becoming more innovative in how they incorporate it. Here are a few examples of uses.

- Functional: Architecture, audio, HVAC, noise control and acoustics, appliances, machinery, electronics
- Decorative: External design, interior design, building facades, lighting

Essentially, any application related to light, sound, air, water or particles potentially could benefit from the use of perforated metal panels. The team at Accurate Perforating Company has seen it all, and we’re more than happy to lend you our expertise, whatever the project.

Accurate Perforating Company: Your No. 1 Source for Perforated Metal

Our name says it all. When it comes to perforated metal, we know the ins and outs. We emphasize high quality and accuracy.

Our business model is customer-centric. We do more than simply provide materials and walk away. We work with your team to understand your needs and steer you in the right direction.

To learn more about perforated sheets and how Accurate Perforating Company can help you meet your building and design goals, contact us today.