Saving Energy By Using Perforated Metal

May 23, 2017

Why is perforated metal becoming so popular for architects and designers? Part of the reason lies in a larger trend toward environmentally friendly building. Designers are looking for ways to more smartly use building features and space.

For them, perforated metal design is an attractive concept. Not only does it open a world of energy-efficient possibilities, but it adds an impressive, attractive level of depth to a building façade. Rarely does a “green building” feature catch attention merely because it’s visually appealing.

What are some of the environmental benefits of architectural perforated metal, and how might you incorporate it into your next perforated metal design? Read on to learn more.

How To Use Perforated Metal As A Way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Not all green solutions produce such clear results. Perforated metal, on the other hand, stands out as a building material. Of course, the more innovative your design, the more energy you potentially can save. Here are a few common energy-saving benefits of perforated metal:

  • Lighting — In both commercial and residential buildings, natural light can be hard to obtain. That means you’re left leaving lights on for extended periods. Perforated metal panels are an excellent way to harness natural light and direct it where it’s needed. Unlike glass, perforated metal provides cooling shade.
  • Climate — And then there’s temperature. Unchecked heat can make or break an energy bill. Perforated metal panels are a natural way to cool building occupants. It’s also refreshing to have the air continuously replace itself.
  • Machine ventilation — In addition to the building, machines can drain the energy from any facility. Think constantly running fans, complex exhaust systems, etc. More machinery is incorporating perforated metal to help ease the burden of cooling by giving heat an easier means of escape.

Who Knew Going Green Would Look so Nice?

Small businesses and big-name architects alike have embraced perforated metal to wow the masses. Decorative perforated metal does more than moderate sunlight and sound — it also turns heads.

A wall or staircase, for example, can be more smartly designed in a way that stands out from the ordinary. It’s the partly transparent aspect combined with an unusual texture that makes a perforated metal feature unique. Designers can customize designs using various hole sizes, shapes and configurations. What’s more, the nature of perforated metal is such that it’s incredibly versatile in terms of use.

For designers looking to create something that’s both environmentally friendly and visually impressive, it’s a no-brainer. Decorative perforated metal is the obvious choice.

Accurate Perforating Company Is Your First and Last Stop for Perforated Metal

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