Top Uses For Perforated Metal

July 31, 2017

Perforated metal has found its way into architecture and designs of all kinds because of its functionality and visual appeal. Here are a few common uses for perforated metal.

Light and Sound Control

When asked, “What is perforated metal used for?” the first answer is usually light and sound control. You can easily filter light without blocking it entirely by using perforated metal panels in indoor and outdoor design. Building designers like this option because it allows them to leverage natural light to reduce overall energy use. Similarly, perforated metal plates and panels are excellent for acoustics. Perforated materials can break up sounds to reduce unwanted echoes.

Health and Security

When you think metal perforation, you probably don’t think of physical health, but the perforated design can actually help to resist harmful mold and mildew. It also increases airflow to improve general wellness. Furthermore, it’s useful as an added security measure. Perforated metal can be designed such that it limits visibility into an area, and its sound absorption properties further protect privacy. When used for fencing, perforated metal is incredibly difficult to scale and is hard to damage.


Perforated metal is an excellent choice when it comes to furniture. Because it adds depth and character, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor pieces, although it’s more common as an outdoor option. Just take a walk through the park, and you’re likely to see many perforated metal furnishings such as a perforated metal bench, chair or other pieces of furniture. One reason it’s a popular outdoor feature is that it can withstand tough weather conditions, and it drains easily.

Stairs and Walkways

For the reasons mentioned above, perforated metal makes for a safe and attractive option for outdoor stairs and walkways. Excellent drainage helps to prevent slips. Common uses are for stair treads and risers.


Perforated metal isn’t limited to bold, large-scale applications. You’ll also find it incorporated into machinery. Perforated metal offers strong protection to inner machine parts while also providing excellent ventilation to keep equipment running smoothly.

Decor and Building Facades

One of the most provocative reasons designers embrace perforated metal is that it can transform a building’s appearance. Perforated metal can be fashioned into any number of shapes and curvatures. It’s not just placement that can give a building a unique feel; you also have hole size, shape and configuration, as well as material colors. And the way perforated metal allows for control lighting, a designer can make excellent use of bringing in natural resources to the building. 

Accurate Perforating Makes Perforated Metal Work for You

Whatever the function of your perforated metal, we’ve got you covered. We have helped customers realize their design and functionality visions with the highest-quality perforated metal materials. We perforate to custom specifications, including hole shape and size. We can also configure and space the holes so that you get the perfect balance of light, structural strength and aesthetic appeal. If you are considering perforated metal for your next design, our team is happy to walk you through the options. Contact us today to learn more.