Perforated Sheets, Coils and Panels in a Variety of Materials

We Specialize in Perforated Metal

How do you decide what material is optimal for your project? Materials must be suited precisely to their intended application and the physical environment, as well as to your budget and design specifications. The professionals at Accurate Perforating have the knowledge and experience to know which perforated material is best for your project, and what tooling, equipment, and processes are required to correctly form and weld your materials for their end uses. We are able to manufacture perforated plates, panels, sheets, coils in your specifications.  

Accurate Perforating works with materials up to 3/8" thick and 60" wide, standard. Under special circumstances, we can perforate metal and other materials up to 1" thick and up to 72" wide in sheet or coil. We have the experience to recommend the correct gauge to use with a certain panel span, width, thickness or application; and we have the facilities, equipment and expertise to do small or large production runs, depending on your needs. 

Are You Interested in Other Materials?

If you don't see the material you want listed above, please contact us to discuss your needs, even if you've been told that a particular material isn't practical. Accurate Perforating is capable of working with any material than can be perforated, and we will try to find a solution even when — or especially if — others have failed.