Infill Panels For Contractors

Infill panels made from perforated metal can serve a wide range of functions on a building. These include creating balconies, serving as railings, shielding staircases, and adding stability. Contractors use these to add a unique look and feel to their projects. There’s a reason why so many builders turn to Accurate Perforating, and it has everything to do with the quality and customization we bring to the table. Our experience and advanced capabilities make us the best provider of infill panels for contractors looking to add something special to their work.

Why Infill Panels Are a Good Choice

Metal infill panels perforated with holes in varying patterns offer several advantages compared to other methods of creating railings or partitions:

  • Standing up to the elements: Infill panels manufactured from perforated are equipped to withstand wear and tear. Many of the substrates these are made from offer offer a longer lifespan than other materials such as brick or wood.
  • Low maintenance: They require little in the way of upkeep. Wash them down every so often to keep them glistening for everyone to see
  • Comfortable and Airy: Because they are strong while still allowing a certain amount of light to shine through them, they make outdoor spaces more comfortable as sunshades.

Perforated metal infill panels also can be used to create semi-private spaces on patios and other outdoor areas. Apartment complexes, parks and playgrounds are all examples of properties that use these panels to separate locations.

Many different metals that can be perforated to create these components, and the type of project you have determines which kind of material will be right for you. From galvanized steel for an industrial look to aluminum infill panels for lightweight wall cladding, Accurate Perforating has the expertise needed to create the ideal solution for whatever you have in mind.

Why Work With Accurate Perforating?

We’re proud of the work we do for contractors throughout the industry. Our customers often come to us because they value our commitment to high-quality perforated components and our ability to work with them to meet their needs. With our experience and advanced capabilities, we can produce architectural elements in practically any type of design that suits your purposes. We work with stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and more metal. We also have the means to work with various gauges of metal to give you the precise thickness you need from your panels.

We can be your partner throughout the design and installation processes. Our experts will sit down with you to determine the perfect answer to what you need. We also offer advice to help you streamline your plans for the best overall results from your perforated panels.

No matter their purpose in a building’s design, infill panels made with perforated metal make a durable, attractive, and efficient addition. When contractors work with Accurate Perforating, they benefit from working with an industry leader who can ensure they have the performance and aesthetics they want in the finished product. If you would like to learn more about everything we can do for you, reach out to ask us a question or request a quote for your next project.